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Japan import anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX)

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US$ 100  |  1 ctn

Occasion Suggestion

[How to use]: Please check before use by diluted upon the situation.
[Storage]: No direct sunlight. No high temperature. No humidity.
[Usage]: Original or diluted.

Spray or dip. After a while(a few ten second to mins), wipe with dry cloth or sponge. And rinse well.

Please clean with the special stainless steel wire brush or brass wire brush.

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Product Properties:

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    Product Description:

    Japan import anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX),


    More informations of anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX):
    Name Japan import anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX)
    Item No DET-100
    Size 100ml
    Material PET
    Capacity 100ml
    Detergent Type Cleaner
    Color Disposable, Eco-Friendly, Stocked
    Grade standard Food grade
    Place of origin Japan
    Usage anti-static, anti dust,Low foam, easy to clean water, no residue
    Packaging 100ml/bottle

    What is anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX)?
    1.Safety to human and environment as a food-grade detergent.
    Data shows Cleaner is 11 times as safe as salt. Cleaner is satisfied prtr.salt.
    contribute to ISO14001.(Clean and prevent an accident. (E.X. slipping and healthy damage)

    2.It can be used with any cleaning equipment/machine.
    Reborn Super-EX used with "ultra sonic washer"high pressure washer'' power spray', or any kinds
    of washer equipment.(It is formulated as less-foam type.)
    If Reborn Super-EX used with hot water, cleaning performance will be even better.

    3.Effective to degreasing for any rubber and metal parts.
    No corrosion to rubber, fiber, metals(staniless, aluminum, copper, iron...)

    4.Deodorant, Eradication, Antifouling effects.
    There are some good side-effect, which are useful to any place in building,factory and restaurant.

    5.Reborn Super-EX improve water condition even after drainge.
    Cleaner is less form detergent when drainage. It also reduce the bad smelland oil mud as an industrial waste.

    Comparison with other detergents:

    Characteristic of anti-dust detergent for machine (Reborn Super-EX):

    More Pictures of anti-dust detergent for machine:

    For the clean the circulatory system within the blockage (removal of silica, scale, embroidery, sticky material), and there is no corrosion hazard for the metal, rubber, ceramics. So you can replace the strong acid and alkali to clean solvent heat exchanger.

    1, can extend the life of the machine.
    2, can extend the cycle of precision instrument maintenance.
    3, can improve the production efficiency of the machine.

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    By sea, express.

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    Thrid Party Test, Factory Audit, Delivery, Packing Design.

    Company Information

    GOLDEN FLASH GROUP LIMITED (GMT GROUP) is combined with 26 workshops of Chemical, Electronics, Printings, Packing,R&D,Trading,Testing, and Transportation. We obtain our own moulding workshop, lab, training base, and good cooperation relations with several university.

    We are professionally in production for Chemical Glow items, LED Flashing items; food grade plastic series. Also we obtain Authoritative Technology Development Center and test works; we accept OEM productions such as for promotions; we have good relations with many other factories and we obtain a professional marketing team dealing with trade services. We insist on green and environmental production conception.

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    Q: Can it be folded?

    A: Yes, it can.

    Q: How  many stools after stretching?

    A: There are 2 pcs of stools.

    Q: Can the stools be suitable for adults?

    A: Yes, it can.

    Q: How long does the fresh holding time?

    A: About 48 hours.

    Q: Do you use green eco-friendly material?

    A: Yes, all our products made of green eco-friendly material.

    Q: Can you sale small quantity for sample?

    A: We can accept small quantity order.

    Q: What payment method do you accept?

    A: we accept T/T, PayPal, Escrow, Western Union.



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