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Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks
2017-09-12 18:16:26     wang@gmtlight.com

(September 12 brother's birthday)
Leslie Cheung's music is like a vintage old wine, the longer the more alcohol, the more the more fragrant, as if every atom is infiltration sweet, only to use our taste buds to dig.

Perhaps you only remember fool happy, but today I chose to go to those brothers where the fetters of life to find his shadow, I wish my brother happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks

1, Location: Big Wave Bay

Association: classic love song "when the situation" MV shooting to
Now: the sea breeze still, quiet still. In order to attract more foreign tourists, almost every store rental surfboards and surfing suits, but perhaps too remote with traffic inconvenience, where visitors are always very few. And because the nearby "Big Wolf Bay Stone" to prove that there are early aborigines in Hong Kong, so often students to visit.

Memories: Leslie and wireless TV selected here shooting "when the situation" MV, standing by the sea, Leslie singing "gently laughter for me to send warmth", now people have to go, only the "wind continues to blow": "I have Make you happy you make me crazy drunk, you have no need to ask me in my heart who ... ... "

Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks

2, Location: Central Star Pier

Association: Leslie from here to take the ferry to Lai's television entry, the official line.
Now: Central Star Pier on November 11, 2006 demolition, and now an open space.

Recall: In 1977, Leslie took the ferry to Lai's TV station to participate in the "Asian Amateur Singing Competition", the song is "American Pie", the final second game and successfully signed the television station. But the star is not smooth, then Leslie in order to make a living in the small bar, and then signed the Polaroid, China Star. In 1983, Leslie Cheung's first album "Wind continues to blow" issue, began the brilliant music.

Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks

3, Location: Red Hall

Association: Leslie Cheung has held concerts in this, playing 33 games to show its strength.
Now: a lot of stars in this stage singing, cherish my brother.
Memories: 1985 brother in the red hall for the first time to sing, sing 10 games; the end of 1986 to early 1987 to sing 12 games; 1988 summer, sing enough 23 games; the end of 1989 to the beginning of 1990 a series of 33 games. The 1997 concert, brother for the first time open love "Tang Tang". The stage is his best performance, or song or dance, or moving or static, as "blame you too beautiful" singing: "blame you too beautiful, such as snakes fiercely hoop each other, as if the endless heart addiction "
4, Location: Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Related: Zhang Guorong Memorial Scholarship
Now: Leslie Cheung Memorial Scholarship is one of the highest scholarships in the college

Memories: After his brother's death, his family in his name in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts set up a "Leslie commemorative scholarship", issued in May each year. The first year of the award, and brother feeling the best sister Zhang Luping also came to the scene, after a few years by Leslie's niece and Tang Tang issued. "Chase": "a chase chase, track some of the basic needs of life, the original early lack of, with you, even the most important ordinary.

Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks

5, Location: Alabar Bar

Associated with Tang and Tang in hand
Now: here is still Hong Kong entertainers gathered. Zhang Guorong left, Tang Tang no longer had
Memories: the media only photographed brother and Tang Tang's intimate photo is here. In this bar, my brother all the songs and MV can be found, a song in the past, one by one MV lens over, the sun, shy, self, wayward, charming, sensitive, countless brother's image eleven let go "I like me to let the rose out of a result, lonely desert as full of naked, how happy in the glass house happy life, the world is what is bright and upright." Brother behind, Tang Tang also No more than ever.
6, Location: nine note sirloin

Association: his favorite place to eat dinner
Now: After 50 years, nine notes are still well-known restaurants in Hong Kong.

Memories: Although narrow and remote, can only accommodate a few guests, but off the clouds, repeat customers more like Li Lianjie, Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung, of course, there are Leslie. Brother every time to sit at the door of the table, in addition to filming, did not see him and others have been. Here on behalf of the Hong Kong city life, crowded space, noisy environment, Hupenghuanyou busy, eat a bowl of steaming beef noodles, and then smoke a cigarette, then the brother, and whether this?

Happy Birthday Song Guorong: Aftertaste brother concert with glow sticks

7, Location: Peninsula Hotel

Associated: He often places the afternoon tea
Now: one of Hong Kong's top restaurants
Memories: Peninsula Hotel is a strong colonial style, British afternoon tea for many stars indulge in pleasures without stop. Leslie is the most commonly sitting by the window position, where he and the general tea off the same, spend 2,3 hours to finish a set of British afternoon tea, leisurely loose. Not far from the Peninsula Hotel, is the Avenue of Stars, Leslie Cheung's name is also engraved here. Year often fans, come here to drink tea, just to see idol style.
8, Location: Cultural Oriental Hotel

Associated: He loves to drink afternoon tea, but also the land of death
Now: authentic British afternoon tea, but also to another star to patronize - Tony Leung
Memories: Mandarin Hotel, 5 years ago today, he jumped. Once in this fitness meeting, eventually died. "You are the most awesome wound, ... ... as you and my palm life of the line, but also like the red over the same bright.
9, Location: Mong Kok residence

Relevance: the place of residence before the death
Now: Leslie Cheung died, Tang Tang moved, often fans to this flower.
Memories: located in the Gardoli Hill Ridge frame 32A, is the brother's life and love Tang Tang's residence. April 2, 2003, Tang Tang accompanied by the driver in the next haggard, across the iron gate to accept the visit, is here. Tang Tang to the brother of the elegiac couplet is the word, "nocturnal lan, who with the resonance." Only fans, from time to time to offer flowers on duty, to recall that the peerless idol idol. "This figure, I carefully look, warm old place, with you, so that the fragile body more cold ... ... if the stars have been captured, which must be hundred flow fang."

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