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The story of the Christmas day
2017-11-06 13:00:34     wang@gmtlight.com

Santa Claus Odin god descendants, also said that Santa Claus from St. Nicholas, so Santa Claus is also called ST.Nicholas. It is said that he was originally a Bishop of Petra in Asia Minor, named Saint Nicholas, who was revered as a saint after his death. He was an old bearded white-bearded man wearing a red robe and wearing a red hat. Every Christmas he drives a deer-pulled sled from the north, enters the homes by chimneys, hangs Christmas gifts in socks and hangs on the children's bed or in front of the stove. So, Westerners during Christmas, parents give their children's Christmas gifts in socks, hanging on the children's bed on Christmas Eve. The next day, the first thing the children woke up was looking for a gift from Santa Claus on the bedside.

In the Christmas day, the led flashing string Christmas light is a good item to decoration.


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