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The coming of the Christmas stocks
2017-11-08 14:28:05     wang@gmtlight.com

The coming of the Christmas stocks

On December 25 of each year, Christians honor the birth of Jesus as Christmas.
Starting from Christmas Eve on December 24, Christians in all countries hold grand commemorative ceremonies. Christmas was originally a festival of Christians. Due to the importance attached to it, it became an all-people festival. The nation's biggest festival of the year could be compared with the New Year and the Spring Festival similar to our China in the West.
Westerners with red, green, white and three colors for the Christmas color, Christmas approaching every family must use Christmas color to decorate. Red with christmas flower and christmas candle. Green is the Christmas tree. It is the main Christmas ornament, decorated with cut-out evergreens of fir and cypress. There were colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers on it, and lighted Christmas candles.
Santa Claus, the red and white, is the most popular figure in Christmas. Western children, before going to sleep on Christmas Eve, put a sock next to their fireplace or pillow, waiting for Santa Claus to put the gift in her socks as they fall asleep. In the West, playing Santa Claus is also a custom.
Legend has a kind-hearted decline of aristocracy, life is very difficult. Three daughters are going to get married, and he is sorry for having no money to buy dowry for them. Festive Christmas Eve, the three girls early curled up sleeping in the kang, the rest of my father long sigh. Santa decided to help them. He dropped a great deal of gold in the chimneys of his house, into the stockings of the girls who roasted them in the furnaces. Since then, they had a happy and happy life ... Christmas socks so produced.
Now that Christmas is a very important holiday for us, we need to prepare gifts in advance, such as LED Flashing Christmas tree light, and various LED Christmas lights to decorate our house.
Christmas in 2017 is coming soon and I hope all people are happy Christmas.

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